Graham Smith: A Body In The Lakes

Today I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for A Body In The Lakes. My review is  written with thanks to Noelle at Bookouture for inviting me on the blog tour and for my copy of the book via Netgalley.



The woman’s limbs were so thin; the skin on her arms as translucent as tracing paper. Around her neck lay a faint string of purple bruises. In one so frail, darker, angrier marks might be expected but Beth knew the bruising would have stopped the moment her heart stopped beating.

When a walker finds the body of a woman by the shores of Ullswater Lake, the police are put on high alert. Felicia Evans was known to be a tough character, but who would have strangled her?

Detective Beth Young quickly spots the links to three cold cases. Three women strangled and discarded in the stunning, wild hills of the Lake District.

As Beth begins tracking down witnesses, the team receives an anonymous letter claiming the charming mayor of Carlisle is behind the murders. There’s pressure from the top to clear his name. But Beth is determined to find the truth no matter whose feathers she ruffles in the process.

Beth knows the clock is ticking. The killer is hunting again. And it’s down to her to find who’s responsible before another woman becomes his prey…

A gripping edge-of-your-seat thriller from bestselling author Graham Smith, perfect for fans of Joy Ellis, LJ Ross, and J.R. Ellis. 




First things first, A Body In The Lakes is not for the faint hearted.The descriptions of the crimes in this novel are particularly graphic and this may not suit some people. Personally, I felt that the explicit nature of Smith’s writing helped to paint the Lakeland Killer as the monster he was, thus increasing the tension from the beginning as I was rooting for Beth and her team to find the killer, particularly at times when events appeared to conspire against them.

I enjoyed meeting Detective Constable (DC) Beth Young again,, and in A Body In The Lakes , we learn more about Beth’s values and the things that make her tick. There’s also more focus on her personal life in this novel and I am crossing my fingers that her relationship with Ethan goes from strength to strength. There is a cliffhanger for Beth at the end of A Body In The Lakes and I can’t wait to see how that plays out. Beth is surrounded by a team who also have their fair share of personal issues and it is interesting to see how these develop in this second novel.

There is a slight twist at the end that leads to some tense and dangerous scenes and I was gripped as the novel reached its conclusion.

A Body In The Lakes is available from Amazon.

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