Angela Rigley: The Peacock Bottle


Today I’m pleased to be sharing my review of The Peacock Bottle for my stop on the blog tour. It’s written with thanks to Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me on the tour and for my copy of the book


In this Victorian dual timeline novel, Amelia Wise feels a jolt when she finds a blue perfume bottle in the overgrown garden of the house she has inherited. Several events in her life mirror those from the past and, with the help of her newfound cousin, Olivia, the bottle’s secret is uncovered.


When I was invited to join this blog tour, I was intrigued by the historical dual timeline element of The Peacock Bottle. Throughout the novel, this fascinated me and I was interested to find out how the stories of Amelia and Daisy fitted together  I felt as though I connected more with Daisy’s story, as it seemed to be more eventful and pulled at my emotions somewhat, but it is not until the very end that we learn how it all comes together.

Amelia and Daisy don’t carry The Peacock Bottle by themselves though and they meet some wonderful characters on their way. I was particularly taken with Garnet Greyson and his loveable rogue quality, despite the feelings of the community towards him, and the two Ballard brothers make very eligible bachelors.

I loved Rigley’s writing style, and although set slightly later, it reminded me of the style used by Jane Austen. I enjoyed the commentary on the social expectations placed upon the families, particularly the young girls and felt this was very well researched.

The Peacock Bottle is available from Amazon

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