Elizabeth McGivern : Amy Cole Has It All Figured Out

This review is written with thanks to Elizabeth McGivern for inviting me to read and review Amy Cole Has It All Figured Out and for my copy of the book.


A feel good read to make you laugh-out-loud – Misfits Farm

And so the end is near…

In the final chapter of the best-selling book series, we find Amy and Elle facing their toughest challenge together yet: cancer.

After Elle’s shock diagnosis, it’s left to Amy to balance the pregnancy from hell with running their business and supporting her sick best friend with all the grace and fortitude of a drunk bull in a china shop.

As always, chaos is never far behind the pair and with life never making it easy on them, an international move on the cards and all the ups and downs of family life in between, the two women have a lot to contend with before they reach the finish line.

Besides, they’ve come through worse than this and survived…haven’t they?


I am rather sad that Amy Cole Has It All Figured Out is Amy Cole’s last outing, but I am so pleased that she has gone out with a bang! When I first read the first book in the series, Amy Cole Has Lost Her Mind , I commented that Amy could quite easily be me. Now, Amy seems a lot more comfortable in herself, and therefore she is what I aspire to be! McGivern has created such an engaging character, and I’ve loved being able to relate to her internal monologues and watching her grow. I also love her relationships with Elle and Ben, which aren’t without their difficulties, but bring the best out of her and encourage Amy to come out of her shell.

Amy Cole Has It All Figured Out is full of hilarious incidents that made me laugh out loud. It would spoil the book for others to go into too much detail, but they are the kind of incidents I can imagine becoming involved in myself, which made it all the more humorous.

Of course  Amy’s life is not all funny incidents and McGivern uses this series to raise awareness of some very important issues that resonate very strongly with me. Amy has depression and anxiety, which comes through in this novel. The descriptions of her symptoms feel very accurate and I am in awe of McGivern’s ability to research this and put it down on paper in such an accessible way. Amy also experiences grief in this novel and her feelings associated with this are feelings I also recognised.

Amy Cole Has It All Figured Out is available from Amazon



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