Neil Lancaster: Going Dark

This review is written with thanks to Burning Chair for my copy of Going Dark.


Tom Novak is a troubled soul with a dark and bloody past.


A former refugee, Royal Marine, and member of the elite Special Reconnaissance Regiment, he now finds himself struggling with the deadening routine of day-to-day policing.


When he is deployed undercover to infiltrate a gang of people-traffickers, things go badly wrong. Faced with an impossible choice, his cover is blown and he finds himself on the run from the Serbian mafia and even his fellow police colleagues.


With no-one to trust, and his enemies using all the resources of the state against him, Tom has only one option: to Go Dark.


Who are the police traitors feeding the Serbian mafia his every move? Is there anyone he can trust? Can Tom prove his innocence before it’s too late?


Going Dark is the debut crime thriller from former covert specialist Detective Sergeant Neil Lancaster, and the first in the Tom Novak series. If you enjoy gritty suspense, thrilling action and flawed heroes battling against the odds, then you’ll love Going Dark.


Get Doing Dark today, and enter a murky world where all is not as it seems, and enemies lie around every corner.


I must admit that, at first, Going Dark seemed a little out of my comfort zone  However, I am so glad I put my worries aside to read this as it is a highly engaging thriller  Lancaster tackles the issue of human trafficking, which makes uncomfortable reading at times, but sheds light on a very relevant issue. Lancaster has experience working for the police in this area, and this shines through, making a complex issue accessible to the reader, who in my case, didn’t know much about it at all.

Going Dark is the reader’s first introduction to Tom Novak, and I enjoyed meeting him immensely. He is by no means your average police officer, and I admired his approach, even if it wasn’t always strictly above board. He has an interesting and unusual back story, which drew me in to the novel straight away. I believe he has much more to give, particularly in terms of his relationship with Pet, and I look forward to reading more as the series continues.

There is lots of blood and violence in Going Dark, but it isn’t gratuitous as it always serves a purpose. It increases the sense of danger in the novel, which escalates brilliantly as it progressed. The plot becomes a thrilling chase, and I was genuinely anxious that Novak would catch the perpetrators and find a way to stay safe.

Going Dark is available from Amazon.


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