Joshilyn Jackson: Never Have I Ever

This review is written with thanks to Pigeonhole for the opportunity to read and review Never Have I Ever.


It starts as a game at a book group one night. Never Have I Ever…done something I shouldn’t.

But Amy Whey has done something she shouldn’t. And Roux, the glamorous newcomer to Amy’s suburban neighbourhood, knows exactly what that is. Roux promises she will go away. She will take herself and her son, who is already growing dangerously close to Amy’s teenage stepdaughter, and she will go. If Amy plays by her rules.

But Amy isn’t prepared to lose everything she’s built. She’s going to fight back, and in this escalating game of cat and mouse, there can be only one winner.


Most students or ex-students will have played Never Have I Ever and I was intrigued to see how Joshilyn Jackson would take this simple game and turn it into the basis for a novel. What we have is a novel that takes the reader to the very edge – full of mind games, questions and dangerous situations.

As central characters, Amy and Roux are fascinating. They both have secrets and I was keen to find out what they were. However, it quickly became clear that one was willing to go further than the other to uncover them. It was incredibly easy to get to know Amy and Roux and in particular, I found Amy very relatable. In contrast, Roux became a character I loved to hate. This made the tension between them utterly compelling.

There are several twists and turns in Never. Have I Ever, some of which are very shocking. I was completely immersed in Amy and Roux’s life and couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Never Have I Ever is available from Amazon.


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