Kayleigh Bye: Profound Ramblings

Today it’s World Mental Health day and I’m priveleged to be reviewing Profound Ramblings, with thanks to the author, Kayleigh Bye, for my copy of the book.


Kayleigh Bye describes Profound Ramblings on Amazon as “Quotes to provoke thought and provide comfort.”.This is certainly the case, and it’s definitely a book you can dip in and out of, going back to certain quotations as and when they feel appropriate.

The quotations in this book cover a wide range of emotions and situations from sadness to anger, living up to society’s expectations to self care.  It feels incredibly relatable and there are many messages that can be taken from it, for readers both with and without mental health issues.

Not only are the quotations relevant, they are beautifully written using imagery that helps the reader to understand each quotation and it’s relevance to their own life.

Profound Ramblings is available from Amazon.

The Profound Ramblings Facebook page is here.

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