Fiona Leitch:. Dead In Venice

My review is written with thanks to Anne Cater and Fiona Leitch for my code for Dead In Venice.


Bella Tyson is a famous 40-something crime writer suffering from writer’s block ever since a bitter divorce two years before. When a fan offers her the use of an apartment in Venice, Bella jumps at it, hoping a change of scene will have her writing again. Once there, she soon meets Will, a charming Englishman, who shows her around the city.

Enchanted by both Will and her new surroundings, Bella decides to write a supernatural murder mystery and begins researching local legends and the city’s more sinister side, including an illicit visit to the island of Poveglia, spooky former home of Venice’s asylum. Soon Bella uncovers more than she has bargained for and finds herself enmeshed in a series of gruesome real-life murders that uncannily mirror the legends she is researching.

As she and Will join forces to investigate, real life and local lore merge disconcertingly – for nothing in Venice turns out to be what seems, including Will……


I must apologise to Fiona Leitch for taking so long to review Dead In Venice. After a gentle (ish) push from the lovely Zoe at Zooloo’s Book Diary I resolved to listen straight away and I am so pleased that I did! Bella is such an easy character to get to know and like, and Dead In Venice has a wonderful humour that I did not expect.

Despite the humour, Dead In Venice addresses some very serious issues. These issues are very relevant in modern society and I thought they were handled very sensitively.

Dead In Venice has recently been released as a “reading” book, but was originally published solely for Audible.  It certainly lends itself to the listening experience as Leitch’s screenwriting expertise gives us a dynamic character led story which is difficult to stop listening to.

As the story is set mostly in Venice, I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of the surroundings, which allowed me to feel completely immersed in the action.

Derryn Edwards is a fantastic narrator, whose voice and expression adds to the growing tension as Dead In Venice reaches its conclusion. I did not see that ending coming at all.

Dead In Venice is available from Amazon.

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