Miranda Rijks: You Are Mine

Today I’m pleased to be sharing my review of You Are Mine. It’s written with thanks to Emma Welton of damppebbles Blog Tours for inviting me on the tour and for my copy of the book via the publisher.


Rupert has spent years searching for his perfect wife. Now he’s found her.  

Her name is Charlotte Aldridge and she’s wonderful. A talented artist, modest and beautiful, she’s everything he ever dreamed of. Her hair, her eyes, her mouth – every little detail is perfect.

Rupert is confident that when they meet, she’ll fall in love with him just as he has with her. After all, he’s a wealthy British aristocrat. And he’s handsome – the relentless gym workouts and extensive plastic surgery have seen to that.

But what if Charlotte can’t see that they fit perfectly, that they’re meant for each other? Well, Rupert can be very persuasive. His father taught him certain methods which are extremely effective. Methods that can turn the most determined, ‘I don’t’ into a meek and submissive, ‘I do’….

A chilling, up-all-night  psychological thriller, You Are Mine is perfect for fans of K. L. Slater, Teresa Driscoll and Mark Edwards.


You Are Mine is one of the creepiest psychological thrillers I have ever read. It begins quite slowly, and at first, Rupert, our villain, seems fairly innocuous, until suddenly the pace picks up tenfold and I found myself caught in a spiral of fear, loathing and lies. I felt incredibly claustrophobic and uncomfortable, but I had no choice other than to read on to find out what happened and make sure everything would be OK.

The chapters in You Are Mine are written from the perspective of several different characters, including Rupert and Charlotte. It is through this technique that I was able to learn a little of each character’s back story – to understand what led Charlotte to Sesame House and sympathise with her, and to see why Rupert behaved in the way he did, although when I understood, it felt even more chilling, sending shivers down my spine! There are also chapters from the 1990s which give the reader insight into Rupert’s upbringing.

There is a twist towards the end of You Are Mine. Although it hit me like a tonne of bricks when I read it, it brings the plot together perfectly and shows that Rijks has a very intelligent writing style.

You Are Mine is available from Amazon.

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