Soulla Christodoulou: Unlocked

This review is written with thanks to Soulla Christodoulou for my copy of Unlocked.


Helen, wallowing in pain and shunning the world and everyone around her, happens across an inspirational quote in her local store after leaving the house for the first time in weeks. Instantly, its message awakens something within her and she books a flight to a country she has always wanted to go.

In India the sounds, sights and colours of this spiritual place, evoke a new awareness within her and the promise of release from the agony of her husband’s infidelity. An impromptu encounter and an invitation to a local wedding open up an unexpected path and a flood of long-forgotten feelings.


I love Christodoulou’s writing style. The descriptions of the Indian landscape are so vivid that I was immediately transported to this beautiful part of the world and able to immerse myself in this wonderfully written story.

A glossary at the end of Unlocked explains the cultural references in the story to the reader. This demonstrates the depth of Christodoulou’s research which informs this story well. 

With such a short story just fifteen pages in length, it is difficult to get to know the characters in great detail. However, Christodoulou describes the feelings of the characters so well, especially Helen’s depression in the early part of the story, that I found it easy to sympathise with them and wish them the very best.

Unlocked is available from Amazon.

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