Rebecca L Marsh: The Rift Between Us

This review is written with thanks to the author for my copy of The Rift Between Us.


After a family dinner turns into a bitter fight, sisters Maria, Lauren, and Avery decide to go their separate ways. Their father warns them that someday they will need one another. When he dies suddenly, they learn that he intends to make sure that they do. He’s left them a substantial inheritance, far more than any of them ever imagined.There’s just one catch. If they want the money, they will have to spend two weeks together at a secluded lake house and follow all of their father’s instructions—no matter how strange.Their task seems simple enough, but each one is holding onto painful secrets and old grudges the others know nothing about. But if they can learn to trust each other again, they might be able to mend the rift between them and give their father his dying wish.


When I first started to read The Rift Between Us I must admit that I was unsure where it was going to go. However, as I kept reading, it became a wonderfully uplifting story which holds a message for all of us.

Each chapter is written from the viewpoint of one of the sisters, Maria, Lauren or Avery. Whilst at first I found them cold and difficult to connect with, I appreciated the opportunity to see what they had gone through as this made me sympathise with them a little more. By the end of the novel I really loved their relationship and was rooting for them to succeed in whichever path they chose to take.

There are several themes that come to the fore in The Rift Between Us. Marsh’s depictions of grief, love, marriage and disability are all beautifully sensitive and I enjoyed being able to think about the themes in more detail as the sisters learnt more about themselves.

The majority of The Rift Between Us is set by a beautiful lake house. The description of the setting is beautiful and I found it very easy to immerse myself in the surroundings.

The Rift Between Us is available from Amazon.

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