Keri Beevis: M For Murder

My review is written with thanks to the Bloodhound Books ARC group for my copy of M For Murder.

Blurb :

In 1989 the Alphabet Killer, Professor Rodney Boone, murdered eight students. The victims, ‘A’ to ‘H’, were each found with their surname initial carved into their neck. Victim nine narrowly escaped and the murderer was left to burn to death.

Eight years later and rookie police officer, Rebecca Angell, is thrown headlong into assisting a murder investigation. A body is found floating in the sewer, bearing the initial ‘J’. The investigators are convinced they are dealing with a copycat killer, but Boone’s body was never recovered…

As Angell scrambles to uncover the truth, the body count continues to rise, and it soon becomes apparent that the killer is intent on completing the alphabet…

Review :

I’ve heard so many good things about Keri Beevis, but M For Murder is the first of her books I have got round to reading and I definitely feel like I’ve been missing out! Her writing is incredibly engaging and the plot is really tight. I loved the way there were little clues planted all the way through the novel and I am kicking myself that I didn’t pick up on any of them!

M For Murder is set across several different timelines and whilst at first, I found it difficult to get to grips with this and understand why, I loved the way it all came together.

The heroine of the piece is Rebecca Angell. She’s a rookie cop who has just moved from a small village to a big city and has plenty to prove. She’s wonderfully feisty and is definitely a match for her male colleagues even if they don’t always believe it. I often found myself rooting for her as the novel continues.

After a slow burning start, the novel really gathers pace. There are so many twists and turns as we go along and I loved every one!

M For Murder is available from Amazon.

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