Afraid Of The Light

This review is written with thanks to Pigeonhole for the opportunity to read and review Afraid Of The Light. 


Some people are scared of the dark. But it’s the light that exposes the secrets.

A young boy with nightmares faces up to his demons. A deathbed confession turns the world on its axis. A five-year-old watches his parents bury a body in the garden. A soldier returns from the war to find the horror isn’t yet over.

Afraid Of The Light brings the imagination of fourteen bestselling crime writers together in a collection that will keep you up all night. From a deadly campfire game to a holiday gone wrong, to an AI assistant with a motive and a love affair that can only end in murder, this is a gripping, twisty set of stories to send a shiver down your spine.


There are fourteen short stories in this collection. They are each very different but I enjoyed almost all of them.

Afraid Of The Light has contributions from some very well known authors. It was good to see authors I’d read before turn their hand to a different genre, and I had a great taster for some of the authors I’d not read before.

A characteristic of the short story is that it is often left open to allow the reader to draw their own conclusions about the ending. Many of the short stories in this collection certainly gave the impression that not all is as it seems and gave me lots to think about!

The proceeds from Afraid Of The Light will be donated to The Samaritans. This is a cause I am proud to support, especially at a time when mental health is at the forefront of our minds as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Afraid Of The Light is available from Amazon.

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