BR Maycock: The Greatest Of Enemies

Today I’m delighted to support the blog tour for The Greatest Of Enemies. I’m sharing a guest post from author BR Maycock with thanks to Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me on the tour and, of course, BR Maycock, for writing her guest post.


Bex has settled into her new life in the small town of Abbyglen. Setting up a new cafe, blogging and her day job keeps her busy and happy.

Louise is ready to return to the comfort of Abbeyglen. Okay, so it isn’t her favourite place to be, but once she can talk the problems of the last few years over with best friend Holly, she can begin to move forward.

But when Louise arrives on the scene and instead finds an unwanted stranger in friend Holly’s apartment it’s handbags at dawn and all the hours in between as Bex and Louise cross swords. Who will win? Let the battle commence …

Perfect for fans of Sophie KinsellaChristie Barlow and Rosie Green.

The Greatest of Enemies is book 2 of a series but can be read on it’s own if you are so inclined!

Book 1 of the Abbeyglen series is Pushing her Luck. 

Guest Post:

BR Maycock writes about the techniques that keep her going when she “hits a wall.”


All writers hit the wall from time to time- they are suddenly stopped in their tracks, sometimes mid sentence, mid thought, and then, bam! they’re adrift in a sea of nothingness, sitting staring at the screen. Literally! But don’t fear, because here I have ten things for you to try when you hit the wall:

Go for a walk, take a shower or have a nap (!) A rested mind will always approach a problem better than one that is tired and stressed.

Send your book to your reading device or print it off and read as if you were just reading for enjoyment.

Look at why you stopped, is it because a character isn’t working out or do you not know where the story is going?

Ask the hard question: What will fix this problem-what has to happen in the story?

Take a few days off and read something different to take your mind off it, you will approach it with fresh eyes afterwards and that might cause something to shift.

Talk to someone-a writing group or writing buddy. Dissect your problem- a problem shared and all that!

If you are a plotter, go back to your notes and see if you have planned for this situation that is going wrong, see if there’s any leeway as to where the character can go/ what they can do.

Write on. Try to write yourself  out or maybe write a scene that you know is easier but that happens further on in the book. Warning: This may cause more problems and lead to further dragging as you are really just avoiding the problem.

Work on something else, your mind will drag you back to the problem whether you want it to or not!!

And if all else fails: 

 (My favourite) Take a break and watch some comedy!


The Greatest Of Enemies is available from Amazon.

You can follow the rest of the blog tour here:

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