Simon Mayo: Knife Edge

This review is written with thanks to Pigeonhole for the opportunity to read and review Knife Edge.


You never know where danger may come from…

6.45am. A sweltering London rush hour. And in the last 29 minutes, seven people have been murdered.

In a series of coordinated attacks, seven men and women across London have been targeted. For journalist Famie Madden, the horror unfolds as she arrives for the morning shift.

The victims have one thing in common: they make up the investigations team at the news agency where Famie works. The question everyone’s asking: what were they working on that could prompt such brutal devastation?

As Famie starts to receive mysterious messages, she must find out whether she is being warned of the next attack, or being told that she will be the next victim…


I have heard a lot about Knife Edge, so I was keen to see what everyone has been shouting about for myself. From the outset, I was thrown into what is a very unsettling situation, and the snappy writing style and short chapters helped to build an unbearable level of tension. This tension is kept up until the very last page and I was always intrigued to find out how the story would continue.

There are a number of characters in Knife Edge: suspects, victims and police officers, who all come from very different backgrounds. They are not all likeable; in fact, Famie herself often comes across as quite selfish, but they are all well developed and the reader always has the opportunity to look deeper into their lives. As the plot develops, we learn secrets about each one and this helps to maintain the intrigue.

The theme of terrorism is one that is particularly current, but despite this, it’s not a subject I feel I know much about. I felt that Mayo took me into this unfamiliar world and immersed me in it in a way that is accessible and engaging.

As we reach the ending, there are a few twists and turns that I didn’t predict. It’s a novel I feel glad to have read.

Knife Edge is available from Amazon.

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