CJ Cooke: The Nesting

Today I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for The Nesting. This guest post is shared with thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me on the tour and to CJ Cooke for writing her guest post!


Deep in a remote Norwegian forest, Lexi has found a new home with architect Tom and his two young daughters. With snow underfoot and the sound of the nearby fjord in her ears, it’s as if Lexi has stepped into a fairy tale

But this family has a history – and this place has a past. Something was destroyed to build their beautiful new house. And those ancient, whispering woods have a long memory.

Lexi begins to hear things, see things that don’t make sense. She used to think this place heavenly, but in the dark, dark woods, a menacing presence lurks.

With darkness creeping in from the outside, Lexi knows she needs to protect the children in her care.

But protect them from what?

Guest Post:

CJ Cooke tells us ten things about herself:

I love travelling and have no qualms about travelling alone. Before I had kids, I travelled widely, working three jobs to fund my trips. We’ve managed to travel quite a bit as a family, but there’s six of us now (my children are 8, 10, 12 and 14) and it can be really tricky to align everyone’s schedules. For one of my research trips to Norway I went away to the Arctic Circle for 2 weeks by myself – I loved every minute of it!I

I’m  not precious about where I write. I have a home office but tend to write a lot at the kitchen table, or in bed late at night when the house is quiet. In June 2019 I spent a day writing in a chocolate café by a fjord in Norway. I’m not sure that will ever be topped, as writing days go.

I’m quite restless, both creatively and in general. I write across literary forms – I started out as a poet – and genres. The Nesting is a gothic suspense with a touch of the supernatural but my last novel was a psychological thriller. What I notice, however, is that reviews always tend to say my books are ‘unique’, or ‘a little bit different’ – I love experimenting and challenge myself with each new project.

Growing up, I had no books, but my mum subscribed to The Story Teller, a magazine and cassette tape of stories. These made a huge impression on me and I started writing at the age of 7.

I get more perfectionist with each book. I wrote most of my debut novel, The Guardian Angel’s Journal (published under the name Carolyn Jess-Cooke), in 11 days. I didn’t edit it very much at all. These days, I can spend a year editing. I never actually finish the novel – I just abandon it to meet the deadline!

I put so much of myself into each book that I always seem to reach a point where I’m done. Finished, wrung out – never going to write again. I know now that this is just part of the process – I need to rest, replenish, and start again. 

I don’t write full-time. About 11 years ago I actually resigned from my job – a well-paid, full-time academic post – to write full-time, and I did this (as well as mothering) for 4 years. I’m happiest where I’m at now – working full-time in academia, but in a job that I find fulfilling, whilst also writing. 

That said, I’m prone to burning myself out. I’m naturally inclined to work too much and not stop for rest. I’m getting better at it, but it’s something I have to keep working at. I had a breakdown in early 2014 and it has taught me to respect my limitations. 

My favourite food is chocolate, and I drink hot chocolate every single day.

I wanted to be a film maker growing up, as well as a writer. It’s still a dream to see one of my films on the big screen.


The Nesting is available from Amazon.

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