Keri Beevis: Trust No One

This review is written with thanks to Keri Beevis for inviting me to read and review Trust No One.


A long, long time ago, you did a bad, bad thing. And now it’s time to pay.

When Olivia Blake receives a note, she thinks someone is playing a prank on her, until she is lured to an empty house where she witnesses a man burning to death. Then she realises that the threat is serious. The problem is, Olivia doesn’t know what it is she is supposed to have done.

As she tries to find out who is tormenting her, someone watches her from the shadows. Someone who knows the truth about a tragic accident that happened years ago. And that someone won’t stop until every one of the sinners has paid.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. When it comes to punishing the wicked, there will be no mercy…


I’ve read a few of Keri Beevis’ novels before, but this one is completely on another level, and I was nowhere near prepared enough for how creepy it is! The prologue sets the tone for the entire novel and I spent the last few days sleeping with one eye open, but I was hooked straight away.

Trust No One is perhaps the most appropriately titled book I have ever read. With every character that Beevis introduces to us, she plants a tiny seed of doubt that grows and shrinks as the plot goes along. I changed my mind about who had done what and who was telling the truth so many times and I had no idea at all who I could trust.

As Trust No One reaches the end, the plot that already has a huge amount of tension ramps up a notch. I was on the edge of my seat wondering how it would end.

I cannot wait to see what Beevis has in store for us next!

Trust No One is available from Amazon.

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