Ella May: Disquiet

Today I’m pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for Disquiet. I’m sharing an extract with thanks to Kelly and Meggy at Love Books Tours for inviting me on the tour and to the publisher for providing the extract.


A mentally unwell sister.
A devoted wife.
A husband and brother with a secret.
A psychopath seeking revenge.

Elowen has been attacked in her brothers home. The aggressors body lies cold next to her.

In a secure psychiatric facility , on suspicion of murder, Elowen struggles to recall the attack. The police are quick to assume that she is guilty.

However, Elowen protests her innocence and begins revealing a series of dark, twisted secrets.

What really happened?

WARNING! Please be aware that this book contains mentions of suicide, psychotic episodes, sexual motive, self-harm, child-loss, abuse, drugs and crime.


I don’t want to stay. I want to float away, but I continue to watch over Elowen while the police begin kicking the door down.

Five of them rush in and surround her with pointed guns. One checks to see if she is still breathing, while two more move over to the corner of the room to see whether the man there is dead or alive. Realising that neither are conscious, three officers search the house. One picks up the note and begins reading it, while another checks the wounds that Elowen has suffered.

Moments later, Detective Chief Inspector Charlotte Tape arrives, tall with medium-length dark hair, fiddling with a hair bobble. The first thing she does is order paramedics to put Elowen onto a stretcher and into the ambulance. The journey doesn’t take long but it is long enough for Charlotte to read the note over and over and for her to ring someone, asking them if they can meet her at the hospital.

When the ambulance arrives there are two policemen waiting outside, they, along with Charlotte and the paramedics, take Elowen through to a private bay. Nurses come in and out attending to her, while a doctor examines her wounds. Her heart rate is a little slow, she’s lost pints of blood and she is cold but

they help her through it. When Elowen is stable the doctor informs Charlotte that Elowen is lucky to be alive and that if one of the stab wounds had been just four centimetres to the left she would have been killed instantly. Lying there she looks so unclean and messy. The state of her face and just everything about her reminds me of something from a gory film. It is horrible.


A Doctor called Claire Globe walks through to see Charlotte. She is quite petite, with shoulder-length blonde hair and looks to be in her early fifties. She appears half asleep and looks confused, but knows it has to be serious for Charlotte to call her. I can sense that she is kind and caring which I know Elowen will need.

Shortly after Claire’s arrival, Elowen starts to come round.


Disquiet is available from Amazon.


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