Dave McCluskey: A Christmas Carol

This review is written with thanks to the TBC Audible Listeners Group for my copy of A Christmas Carol.


A classic Christmas tale, lovingly recreated in this beautiful audio book.

The reviled Scrooge is visited by three spirits who teach him the real meaning of life.

The tale has been turned into rhyme, making this a delightful new twist to the story you know so well. Could it be a new addition to your Christmas traditions?


A Christmas Carol is a well known story and it has been retold many times. I found this version to be particularly innovative. It’s cleverly written and although it’s relatively short at just over an hour long, it captures the atmosphere and spirit of the original version. The rhymes are not always what I expected. There is some darkĀ  humour running through it and this version makes the original story accessible to every reader.

The narration demonstrates brilliant characterisation, which means the recording is engaging from beginning to end. I also enjoyed the music and sound effects which enhance the atmosphere of the story.

This is definitely a recording which I could listen to year after year, and take different messages from it each time.

A Christmas Carol is available from Amazon.

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