Adam Hills: Best Foot Forward


A hilarious and honest collection of stories, thoughts, and tales of a life in comedy from the presenter of The Last Leg, Adam Hills

Adam Hills is one the UK’s best-loved comedians. For thirty years he has been performing stand-up, hosting TV shows and winning the hearts of a nation.

Taking us from the early days of the Sydney Stand Up scene to hosting his own radio show, touring the world and eventually landing on British TV, Best Foot Forward is a story of a life in comedy. Along the way Adam shares some childhood tales, a few backstage blunders and encounters some fairly famous faces – the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Connolly, and that guy who sang The Macarena. Yes, him.

This is an utterly hilarious and honest collection of stories about Adam’s ups and downs in the world of comedy. It’s a lesson in following your heart, being positive and discovering that what makes you different also makes you unique.


I am a fan of Adam Hills but he only really came to my attention when I started watching The Last Leg. Obviously his career has been much longer and more varied than that, so I was interested to discover what came before, particularly when he was living in Australia. It’s written colloquially and with the humour you would expect so it was really easy for me to engage with this book.

As with all good autobiographies, Best Foot Forward gives us some insight into Hills’ personality as well as the events of his life. He sounds like a genuinely lovely guy and the kind of person I would love to meet for a drink one day! There are several interesting stories in the book that made me smile and having finished it, I do feel like there is an extra spring in my step.

I chose to listen to Best Foot Forward through Audible, where it is narrated by the man himself. This adds authenticity to Hills’ words, particularly as he is able to add footnotes in some parts and explain some parts in more detail that work better in written form.

Best Foot Forward is available from Amazon.

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