Susan Lewis: The Lost Hours

Today I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for The Lost Hours. My post is shared with thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me on the tour and to the publisher for my copy of the book and the giveaway prize.


A perfect marriage…Golden couple Annie and David Crayce have it all. A loving marriage, three beautiful children and a thriving family business. Life couldn’t be better. Until the unthinkable happens…   A perfect crime? A piece of damning DNA evidence has arisen, placing David as the prime suspect of a murder committed twenty-years ago. Annie is sure her David is innocent. But if he isn’t guilty, then either his father or brother must be. As the police investigate the cold case, so does Annie. Trawling through her old diaries, she begins desperately looking for answers. But it all comes down to a few lost hours she can’t solve.And Annie begins to doubt the one person she thought she knew best… Her husband. 


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Win a print copy of The Lost Hours by Susan Lewis


I was fascinated by the premise of The Lost Hours and I felt it was executed really well. The novel switches between the lives of the Crace family and the police officers undertaking the investigation into Karen Lomax’s death. I loved the way this enabled us to see both sides of the investigation and built tension as Lewis gave us ideas of what was happening.

The Crace family is a large family and this gives lots of scope for some interesting characters. I didn’t particularly like any of them, but I loved the way they were developed and I could imagine them really clearly. It was really easy to see the dynamics between the family and this helped me to see the layers of each character. I have read one of Lewis’ previous books and was pleased to see the return of Andee Lawrence. It was interesting to see her in a different capacity.

Lewis’ writing is very slick and she is incredibly adept at making the reader want to know what happens next. Several of the chapters end on cliffhangers and this meant that I just had to read past my bedtime! There are lots of twists as we go along and I really enjoyed this aspect of the novel.

The Lost Hours is the first novel I’ve read that makes reference to the pandemic. It is set towards the end of 2019, before the full extent of the virus was known. I felt that Lewis did a great job of using the virus to provide context without focusing on it in a gratuitous way.

The Lost Hours is available from Amazon.

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