EJ Wood: Amalie



It’s not wise to murder the family of a budding assassin. Created by Auschwitz, her skill is honed by revenge.

A very different type of serial killer is loose in 1950s Europe. In Britain, a Brotherhood of powerful men takes notice and enhances the expertise and artistry of a killer.DCI John Owen was born to serve. Recruited by MI6, he tracks an accomplished executioner whose love of luxury and the arts is second only to the love of watching an early death come to those who truly deserve it.

Join the chase. Then ask yourself…Can there ever be only one winner?Don’t miss this new page-turning historical thriller by E.J. Wood.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from Amalie as it’s a little out of my comfort zone, but I was really engaged by this fascinating novel. Wood approaches the subject of World War II and the Holocaust from a different angle to one I’ve read before and I was really interested to find out more. The research is done in a lot of depth, as shown by the extensive bibliography and Wood’s passion for the subject really comes through. 

The title character, Amalie, is brilliant. I loved her courage and her sense of humour and I felt able to connect with her, despite her having done things that I absolutely do not condone! Her character has many layers and it was interesting to read as Wood peeled them back for us. 

As the novel reaches its conclusion, the tension really starts to build. I really wanted to know what would happen to Amalie and DCI Owen and I was compelled to keep turning pages until the very last one. 

Each chapter in the novel begins with a quotation. I loved these, as they added a little more insight into both the subject matter and the characters and helped me to think about what was happening on a deeper level.

Amalie is available from Amazon.

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