ML Rayner: Echoes Of Home

Today it’s my turn on the blog tour for Echoes Of Home. My review is written with thanks to Zoe O’Farrell and the team at Question Mark Press for inviting me on the tour.


After accepting a generous opportunity to start afresh, Leslie Wills, a young man from Stoke-on-Trent, eagerly begins his long-distance journey to the Scottish Highlands of Elphin, a settled village that sits huddled amongst the dominating mountains. Its people are welcoming, and the beauty of the land is great. But deep within its Highland paths, a location rests hidden from the public’s eye. A location which entices you to learn the truth of its troubled past. But once you bear witness to its sights and sounds, its presences will never allow you to forget.

Uncover the truth, Journeying back to a forgotten time. With a plot full of secrets and suspicion that will leave you longing for answers.


ML Rayner is a really talented writer. Although Echoes Of Home is slightly out of my comfort zone, I immediately felt part of the scenery and I was able to read the novel as if I was part of the story myself. The descriptions are very vivid and they create a wonderful, if slightly creepy, atmosphere that runs through the whole novel. 

There are elements of Echoes Of Home that are set in the past and I felt Rayner did a brilliant job of distinguishing between the two time frames, making sure that the language he used and the different customs the characters followed were of the time. The history has been researched thoroughly and adds authenticity to the novel. 

As Echoes Of Home comes to an end, the tension builds rapidly. I really wanted to know how the story would conclude and I could not stop turning pages! 

My copy of Echoes Of Home has illustrations at the beginning of some of the chapters. This is unusual in a novel, but they are beautiful drawings and they add to what is already an incredibly visual reading experience

Echoes Of Home is available from Amazon.

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