Helga Flatland: One Last Time

Today I’m pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for One Last Time. My review is written with thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me on the tour.


Anne’s life is rushing to an unexpected and untimely end. But her diagnosis of terminal cancer isn’t just a shock for her – and for her daughter Sigrid and granddaughter Mia – it shines a spotlight onto their fractured and uncomfortable relationships.

On a spur-of-the moment trip to France the three generations of women reveal harboured secrets, long-held frustrations and suppressed desires, and learn humbling and heart-warming lessons about how life should be lived when death is so close.

With all of Helga Flatland’s trademark humour, razor-sharp wit and deep empathy, One Last Time examines the great dramas that can be found in ordinary lives, asks the questions that matter to us all – and ultimately celebrates the resilience of the human spirit, in an exquisite, enchantingly beautiful novel that urges us to treasure and rethink … everything.


Helga Flatland is a new author to me. I didn’t really know what to expect from her work but I was not disappointed. She has a wonderful writing style which is captured beautifully by the translator. I was completely engaged in the story from beginning to end and read the whole novel in one day – so I think I can say it brought my sluggish reading mojo back to life! 

One Last Time has quite a large cast of characters and I will miss them all now that I have finished reading. I loved the way that Flatland alternates the viewpoint between Sigrid and Anne so that we can see different sides of this story. There are lots of complicated relationships in the novel and Flatland expertly captures their complexity, allowing the reader to feel involved in their family life. 

You can probably tell from the blurb that One Last Time looks at some emotional issues, but I was not prepared in any way for the impact the novel would have upon me. I cried (a lot) for large parts of it. Flatland explores the themes with amazing sensitivity and this makes the novel hugely relevant to a wide range of readers. 

I am looking forward to reading more of her work! 

One Last Time is available from Amazon.

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