Mark Billingham: Rabbit Hole


My name is Alice. I’m a police officer.
I’m trying to solve a murder on a psychiatric ward.
But I’m also a patient…

They were meant to be safe on Fleet Ward: psychiatric patients monitored, treated, cared for. But now one of their number is found murdered, and the accusations begin to fly.

Was it one of his fellow patients? A member of staff? Or did someone come in from the outside?

DC Alice Armitage is methodical, tireless, and she’s quickly on the trail of the killer.

The only problem is, Alice is a patient too.


It’s always a bit scary when one of your favourite authors goes in a slightly different direction; however, I had absolutely no need to worry about Rabbit Hole. It’s fast paced, it’s full of intrigue and I read the whole thing in just one day. 

Our narrator is Alice and I really felt that Billingham got into her head. I loved the way that it seemed as though she was talking to us and this provided some dark humour throughout the novel. I listened to part of the novel through Audible, which was narrated by Maxine Peake. I love Maxine Peake as an actress and I felt she brought Alice’s character to life, especially the humour. 

With a novel set in a psychiatric ward, there is scope for lots of colourful characters and I felt that while each one of them was obviously suffering with serious mental health issues, the author had a lot of fun writing about them. I could picture each character vividly as I was reading. 

Rabbit Hole is set in a psychiatric ward and whilst I don’t have personal experience of this, the scenes in the setting really felt authentic. I was drawn into the environment and this helped me to become engaged with the novel. 

I don’t want to say too much about the plot in case of spoilers, but be assured you are in for a brilliant ride! 

Rabbit Hole is available from Amazon.

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