Martin Tracey: Lunar

Today I am pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for Lunar. My review is written with thanks to Zoe O’Farrell for inviting me on the tour and to the author for my copy of the book.


Amidst ancient stories of prowling werewolves, the Lunar Society would meet under the light of a full moon to change the face of industry and enlightenment forever. When the discovery of a human skeleton at one of their old haunts coincides with the disappearance of a talented female prodigy, Private investigator Judd Stone is certain that the two are connected.
Travelling as far afield as Prague and as close as his native city of Birmingham, Judd includes past life regressions in an attempt to unlock the explosive age-old mystery and rescue the missing girl.
With a cloud descending over the treasured legacy of the Lunar Society, Judd quickly finds himself embroiled in a shockingly dark underworld of organised crime. So dark in fact he will need a lot more than the light of a full moon to escape with his life.


In every book in this trilogy featuring Judd Stone, Tracey has taken his central character in a completely different direction to the one I expected. I enjoy seeing how Judd reacts in different situations. It’s not always in a way I would agree with but it makes for some interesting story lines. 

Throughout Lunar, Tracey explores the idea of past life regression. This is not something I strongly believe in but I found the concept fascinating and really appreciated the level of research the author has undertaken. He uses it well to create an engaging plot that made me think all the way through. 

It quickly becomes clear that Judd finds himself in some dangerous situations throughout the course of his investigations. I was keen to see how he would handle this danger and ultimately get away from it and this leads to an intriguing and tense plot that kept me interested until the very end. 

Lunar is available from Amazon.

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