Jim Ody: Sweet Vigilante

Today I’m pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for Sweet Vigilante. My review is written with thanks to Zoe O’Farrell and the team at Question Mark Press for inviting me on the tour and for my copy of the book.


The devil lurks in darkness to prey on the weak. Men become monsters. Crime is rampant.

Gina leads a simple life, quietly caring for an old man she calls Pops. But the night brings her to life.
When nightmares interrupt her sleep, she patrols the city to protect those the police can’t. She rules the night.

A familiar figure emerges from the shadows. Gina must return to the house she escaped to finally bury the demons. But someone watches her every move.

Evil has a face she knows and this time he wants her dead.


Jim Ody: Sweet Vigilante 

Sweet Vigilante has a really interesting and unique concept and I really enjoyed it. Ody’s writing style is really easy to read and there are moments of dark humour that work really well alongside what is actually a really difficult subject to write, and read, about. 

Gina is a really intriguing central character and I loved how her back story showed us how her past has influenced the person she is today and the decisions she makes. I felt a lot of sympathy for her despite her harder exterior. She is surrounded by a great cast of supporting characters too. I especially warmed to Pops and Lia. 

The second part of the novel is particularly tense and I wanted to know how Gina would manage in the situations in which she found herself. I was rooting for her and I was on the edge of my seat. 

The ending sets us up for a sequel. I’m not sure if Ody has any plans to do this, but I do believe that Gina still has plenty more to give. 

Sweet Vigilante is available from Amazon.

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