KC Gillis: Migration Event

Today I am taking part in the blog tour for Migration Event. I am sharing an extract with thanks to Zoe O’Farrell for inviting me on the tour and to the author for my copy of the extract.


Environmental destruction. Tax evasion. When reporter Jordan Reed uncovers a link, will she meet a fatal deadline?

Jordan Reed lives to expose criminals who believe they’ll never get caught. So after receiving a tip about a high-profile company dodging tariffs, the relentless journalist digs into the case. But though her lead turns out to be a red herring, a possible connection to the mysterious death of long-distance migratory birds pulls her into a byzantine maze of corruption and pollution.

Joining forces with a rogue conservationist, Jordan infiltrates the inner circle of one of Boston’s top corporate citizens. But when she and her new teammate find themselves surrounded by high-powered enemies, her hunt for the truth could force the coverup of their own murders.

Will the tenacious reporter live long enough to write the ultimate exposé?

Migration Event is the third book in the thrilling Jordan Reed mystery series. If you like powerful female protagonists, threats around every corner, and unexpected twists, then you’ll love K.C. Gillis’s edge-of-your-seat tale.

Buy Migration Event to flock towards a sinister conspiracy today!


More than a thousand feet above the terrain of coastal Georgia, a flock of hundreds of short-billed dowitchers closed in on a potential site to begin its winter season. In the early-morning twilight, the flock was beautifully silhouetted against the sky, the sun about to begin its daylight arc across the cloudless sky. Flying conditions were ideal, with just a slight breeze from the southwest.

The Georgia location wouldn’t be where the birds would spend the entire winter. As temperatures dropped, they would gradually move farther south, potentially going as far as South America. The one sure fact was that they would stick to the coast.

Unlike Canada geese, where one member of the flock would lead an echelon formation, dowitchers used a group approach, the direction seemingly collectively determined. No single leader was apparent. There seemed to be an unwritten rule that they would press on. Stragglers beware.

If anyone had been tracking the number of birds in the flock, they would have noticed that their ranks had shrunk since leaving the Great Marsh in Massachusetts. While not unusual to lose a member or two, this particular flock had already lost twenty members. As the flock pressed south, a twenty-first member slowly slipped to the rear, eventually trailing off and falling behind. At some point, unobserved by its peers, the bird lost its ability to maintain altitude. Well before safely reaching the ground, the once-efficient beating of its wings ceased. The bird plummeted the final several hundred feet to the ground. It was dead before impact.

Before the flock finally settled on the ground the next morning, several more members met the same fate. More would not survive to start the next leg of the journey.


Migration Event is available from Amazon.

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