Nell Pattison: Hide


Seven friends. One killer. You can run, but you can’t hide…

It’s Boxing Day and your friendship group has planned a hike.

You know tensions are running high. You’ve heard the rumours flying around.

But this trip is a chance for you to reconnect.

As you head into the reserve, everyone is quiet. It almost feels like you’ve imagined the rift.

But as the sun sets, you hear a gun shot.

One of your group is dead.

And someone you know killed them…

A fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller with a killer twist you just won’t see coming. Fans of Ruth Ware, Lucy Foley and T.M. Logan will be totally gripped from the very first page.


Hide starts with a prologue in which someone is being chased. This sets the scene for an incredibly tense novel, which is heightened by the isolated woodland setting. It felt very claustrophobic and I wondered throughout my reading how the characters would find their way out of the situation.

Each chapter is narrated by a different character. This gives the reader an insight into the lives of each one. I didn’t find any of them particularly likeable and it becomes clear from very early on that they are all hiding secrets. This makes for an explosive combination and I really wanted to know what was making the group tick. 

It does take some time for our questions to be answered and I felt that the carefully constructed tension was not always maintained, particularly towards the middle. There are a few twists which help to pick up the pace towards the end. 

Hide is available from Amazon.

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