Olivia Poulet & Laurence Dobiesz: 12 Hours To Say I Love You

Today I’m taking part in the blog tour for 12 Hours To Say I Love You. My review is written with thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me on the tour and to the publisher for my copy of the book.


Whir, beep, click, breath. Whir, beep, click, breath.

Pippa Gallagher is rushed in to hospital following a traffic accident.

As Pippa lies unconscious, fragments of the past flash through her mind. The day she met Steve Gallagher, the man who would become the love of her life. The heartbreak she felt tonight as she got into her car, her eyes blurry from tears.

Meanwhile Steve sits at her bedside, his eyes fixed on her pale, still face. He has no idea where his wife was going when she crashed. No clue as to why she became distracted behind the wheel. All he knows is that she is his world. And that he wasn’t there when she needed him most.

For the next twelve hours, Steve tells Pippa all the reasons he loves her.

But is it too late? Can Pippa find her way back to him?


12 Hours To Say I Love You is a different take on a love story. As Steve looks back on his life with Pippa whilst she is in a coma following an accident, the timeline of the novel switches between the present day and various dates in the past. I loved this window into their relationship and I immediately felt as though I was part of it, rooting for them to get through each situation and ultimately, for Pippa to recover. The authors raise a lot of questions, especially how Pippa’s accident happened, and I really wanted to know the answers. 

I found that 12 Hours To Say I Love You is mostly character driven. Steve and Pippa are overall quite likeable (although they do have their moments) and I found them quite easy to relate to. However, I also enjoyed meeting the couple’s families and friends and the scenes with them are often hilarious, offering the reader some light relief from the very serious situation in the present day. 

It isn’t all plain sailing for Steve and Pippa though and the authors explore a number of themes which may be upsetting for some readers. I often found myself fighting back tears. However, the issues are approached in the most sensitive way and I must give the authors utmost credit for this. 

As a theatre enthusiast myself I loved the references to different plays and theatre traditions throughout the novel. 

I hope these authors work together again as I am very keen to see what they do next.

12 Hours To Say I Love You is available from Amazon.

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