Mark Eklid: The Murder Of Miss Perfect

Today I’m helping to close the blog tour for The Murder Of Miss Perfect. My review is written with thanks to Zoe O’Farrell and the team at SpellBound Books for inviting me on the blog tour and for my copy of the book.


Detective Chief Inspector Jim Pendlebury almost died at the end of his last big case.

Three years later, he is struggling to cope with forced retirement and the frustration of failing to convict the teacher accused of killing an 18-year-old student after seducing her.

Now, he must try one more time to search for the vital piece of missing evidence the Police failed to find during the initial investigation .

Whatever the cost, this time he will make sure justice is served for the cruel murder of the beautiful young woman the media dubbed Miss Perfect.


Mark Eklid certainly knows how to grip his readers! His fast paced writing and compelling storyline makes The Murder Of Miss Perfect really hard to put down! The narrative asks lots of questions and I wanted to find the answers to each one. Every time I felt I had the measure of the plot, Eklid took us in a different direction and this makes the novel stand out in a busy genre. 

Throughout the course of The Murder Of Miss Perfect, Eklid introduces us to a wide and varied cast of characters. However, we don’t learn a great deal about their lives so this naturally invites suspicion, particularly towards those who aren’t very likeable or don’t seem to be very cooperative. I had no idea what had happened to Abie until the final reveal. 

The Murder Of Miss Perfect is my first outing with Mark Eklid, but I’m sure it won’t be my last. 

The Murder Of Miss Perfect is available from Amazon.

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