Liz Taylorson: Summer Showers At Elder Fell Farm

Today I’m taking part in the blog tour for Summer Showers At Elder Fell Farm. I’m sharing an extract from the book with thanks to Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me on the blog tour and to the author for my copy of the extract.


A simple holiday just got complicated …
Single mum Amy has been struggling since her mother’s death and now her son, Harry, has been accused of bullying schoolmate Oliver — giving Amy’s dictatorial ex-husband yet another reason to criticise her parenting.
All Amy wants is the chance to spend time with her son. Where better to escape all her troubles than camping at the remote but beautiful Lake District farm where she spent idyllic summers with her mother when she was a little girl?
Her tranquil escape seems doomed when Oliver, and his widowed dad, Matt, turn up on the neighbouring pitch — but at Elder Fell Farm, unlikely friendships can be forged. Are Matt and Amy ready to fall in love again? And will their boys bring them together – or drive them apart?

A heartwarming and uplifting read for the summer.


Chapter 3

A little bit of background to the extract, in case you need it: Single mum, Amy, and her son, Harry, are going on a camping holiday to the Lake District. It’s the same farm where Amy used to stay as a little girl, on holiday with her own mother, and the campsite is run by the Thompson family. Neither Amy nor Harry has camped in a tent before …


‘Now, you can pitch where you like. There’s some lovely spots so you can pick one to suit you both. We don’t have too many rules here, so you’ll have to take as you find,’ [said Mrs. Thompson.]

Amy could cope with that. There had been a huge list of rules at the Scarborough caravan site where they’d stayed last year, on what had turned out to be their last holiday with her mother.

‘There’s showers and toilets in the stone building there,’ Mrs. Thompson continued, ‘and a washing up area and a washing machine as well as the bins in the end of the old barn, do you see the green door there? You don’t want a hook-up, do you?’

Amy stared in horror at Mrs. Thompson. What kind of campsite was she running here? ‘Hook-up?’

‘An electric hook-up point. To plug in your heater, your kettle and such like?’

‘Oh, I understand,’ she said with relief. ‘No. We’ve not got any of that.’ Her mam’s old camping kettle went on the double gas-burner, and she hadn’t even considered a heater, which was a shame, because the light mizzling rain which had been falling ever since they arrived was cold and starting to leak through her old waterproof coat. ‘Thank you. Right, Harry, let’s go and pick ourselves a spot.’

‘If you need anything, just knock on the door!’ Mrs. Thompson called after them.

Mrs. Thompson had seemed old twenty-five years ago, and yet she was still here, and Amy’s mam had gone. It didn’t seem right — and yet, it was comforting in some ways that so little had changed. For one moment she had forgotten she couldn’t phone her mam and say: we’ve arrived, and you’ll never guess what! Mrs. Thompson is still here! Yes, still going strong

Amy still talked to her mother all the time. She kept the box containing her ashes carefully wrapped in the bottom of her wardrobe where she could still feel close to her, until she could decide what to do with them. Part of her wanted to keep them there forever, for the comfort of knowing she was safe, but that wasn’t what Mam would have wanted, to spend eternity in the bottom of a wardrobe.

‘Can I go off and play now?’ Harry asked. ‘Please? You said when we’d been to the farmhouse I could?’

He’d sat still for so long in the car as they crossed the Pennines. Perhaps he did need to run off some of that energy, and it would let Amy get the tent pitched.

‘Go on then. Change your shoes first, put your old ones on. Your dad won’t like it if you get those new trainers muddy.’ If he wrecked them on this camping trip, James would hold her personally responsible, and she couldn’t afford to replace them. ‘Stay where I can see you. I might need your help with the tent. Try not to fall out of any trees or into the beck.’


Summer Showers At Elder Fell Farm is available from Amazon.

You can follow the rest of the blog tour here:

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