Ella Matthews: Secrets Of Her Forbidden Knight

Today I’m taking part in the blog tour for Secrets Of Her Forbidden Knight. I’m sharing an extract from the book with thanks to Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me on the blog tour and to the publisher for providing the extract.


She’s rescued a knight

Now she needs the favour returned…

When widowed Lady Johanne happens upon an injured knight, she sees an opportunity to form an alliance and protect her home, Castle Brae, from her enemies. The betrothal she proposes might be merely for appearances, but the very real attraction between her and Sir Alewyn thrills and disturbs her. For it’s clear he’s hiding something… Can she trust him, with so much at stake?


Johanne’s whole body sagged; she leaned against him, her legs unable to hold her upright any longer. Al half turned and pulled her into his arms. His heart raced beneath her ear. She clung to him tightly. It was becoming a habit, this, to want to be held in his arms. She must not get
used to the comfort he offered. He would be gone soon enough but she couldn’t find it in herself to pull away—perhaps it was the exhaustion from the day, perhaps it was something else she did not wish to name; whatever it was, she was not going to step away.
‘Johanne.’ Hearing her name spoken so gruffly sent a shot of something powerful through her.
‘Johanne,’ he said again.
She turned her face up towards his. His jaw was tightly clenched, his eyes fixed on her. This time, there was no mistaking the fierce look in his eyes. She reached up and lightly touched his chin, the bristles of his beard soft against her fingers. His eyes shut and a long sigh brushed against her skin. She traced along the edge of his jaw, stopping when she touched his pulse, which pounded beneath her touch. She hadn’t been wrong about his desire
for her. It was as strong and as real as her own.
‘Johanne.’ His voice sounded pained. ‘Johanne… I really…’
He dipped his head; his lips grazed over her forehead, and down over her cheeks to her jaw.
His stubble brushed against her sensitive skin and she turned her mouth to his. He groaned softly as his lips skimmed against hers in the softest of touches, and again, light and teasing.
It wasn’t enough.
He began to lift his head but she followed him, pressing her mouth to his, unsure of what to do, only knowing that she did not want this moment to be over.
‘Johanne,’ he whispered against her mouth, her name sounding like a prayer. He did want this too; she was sure of it.
It was her turn to move her lips along the length of his jaw and down the column of his neck.
Her heart swelled as he made a muffled grunt; the tight leash he had on his control slipped and he pulled her flush against his body. ‘I want, more than anything…’ His words faded as his fingers stole into her hair, cupping the back of her head and tilting her towards him. She licked her lips, craving his touch. His mouth moved towards hers and then stopped. ‘You are so beautiful, Johanne. I want to
kiss you more than I want to breathe but I can’t.’ His fingers slipped from her hair, trailing down her arm, leaving her skin tingling with sensation even as his rejection hit her like a physical blow.


Secrets Of Her Forbidden Knight is available from Amazon.

You can follow the rest of the blog tour here:

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