Jodie Parachini: Dig It, Digby!

Today I am taking part in a blog tour that’s a little different for me – a children’s book! I’ve been wonderfully assisted by my special guest reviewer, Joe, who is 3 years old. Our review is written with thanks to Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting us on the blog tour and to the publisher for our copy of the book.


Digby and his friends learn that there’s more to life than getting the job done.

Digby and his coworkers work from dawn to dusk. The work is hard, it’s hot, and they face deadlines to get each job done. But, one day, Digby decides it’s time to have some fun. He starts to dance, and soon all the other trucks join in. A raucous and joyous story of a very different kind of construction site.


We read Dig It Digby many times before I wrote this review, which shows how much Joe enjoyed this! The rhyming really helps as although Joe wasn’t able to read it himself yet (he’s 3), he was able to join in by guessing the end of the lines! 

The pictures are bright and colourful and this brings the characters to life, although Digby is the only character who is named. This makes the book really appealing to the young children who are the target audience. 

I felt the author took the story in an interesting direction and Joe was engaged by it the whole way through. 

Joe said “I enjoyed this book. Digby is a good name for a digger! I thought it was funny. My favourite character was the purple crane.”

Dig It, Digby! is available from Amazon.

You can follow the rest of the blog tour here:

One thought on “Jodie Parachini: Dig It, Digby!

  1. Thank you Kate and THANK YOU JOE for the review! I’m so please that you liked the book. The other trucks DO have names and hopefully they’ll all have their own books soon. The purple crane is GABY, the cement mixer is LORI, the road roller is MORRIS, the dump trucks are BRUNO AND JUNO, the backloaded is MACK. The next book in the series about AXEL the forklift is out now, and books about Bruno and Juno are coming in March. I hope you like those ones too!

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