Dandy Smith: The Perfect Match


Best friend or boyfriend, who would you believe?

Zara has always felt a little ordinary next to her spirited best friend Ivy. Even her dreams seem mundane: a boyfriend, marriage, children… Besides, who would pick her when they could choose Ivy?

So when Zara meets Henry and there’s an instant spark, she can’t believe her luck. A wealthy CEO who wants to settle down? He’s perfect. Until Ivy insists he’s too good to be true.

As Henry and Ivy repeatedly clash, doubts creep into Zara’s mind. Could it be that Ivy just doesn’t want to share her best friend with anyone else? Or does Henry have a hidden agenda? Zara is caught in the middle, constantly trying to prove who she loves more.

Then someone winds up dead, and Zara realises there’s more to this than jealousy…

A totally gripping read with a killer twist you won’t see coming. Fans of K.L Slater, Lisa Jewell and C.L Taylor will be hooked.


I read Dandy Smith’s debut, One Small Mistake a few weeks ago and I was completely blown away and so excited to learn that her second novel was due imminently. The two novels are very different so it’s unfair to compare them, but what is clear is that Dandy Smith is an absolutely phenomenal writer. I love her description, especially for the narrator’s thoughts and feelings, as it brings them to life and makes them easier to understand. 

The prologue is incredibly clever. Not only did it draw me in straight away, but it gives us a glimpse of what the ending might be. This was in the back of my mind the whole way through the novel as the tension was building and I was desperate to find the answers. 

Dandy Smith has created some amazing characters who are all bursting with toxicity which bleeds into the pages. The relationships between Zara and Ivy and Zara and Henry are full of obsession, suspicion, anger and jealousy and it’s all wonderfully observed, so much so that I actually found it quite difficult to read at times as it felt so claustrophobic. 

And the ending, well I’ll leave that for you to read, but it will be with me for a long time. 

The Perfect Match is available from Amazon.

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