Janice Hallett: The Mysterious Case Of The Alperton Angels


Open the safe deposit box.
Inside you will find research material for a true crime book.
You must read the documents, then make a decision.
Will you destroy them? Or will you take them to the police?

Everyone knows the sad story of the Alperton Angels: the cult who brainwashed a teenage girl and convinced her that her newborn baby was the anti-Christ. Believing they had a divine mission to kill the infant, they were only stopped when the girl came to her senses and called the police. The Angels committed suicide rather than stand trial, while mother and baby disappeared into the care system.

Nearly two decades later, true-crime author Amanda Bailey is writing a book on the Angels. The Alperton baby has turned eighteen and can finally be interviewed; if Amanda can find them, it will be the true-crime scoop of the year, and will save her flagging career. But rival author Oliver Menzies is just as smart, better connected, and is also on the baby’s trail.

As Amanda and Oliver are forced to collaborate, they realise that what everyone thinks they know about the Angels is wrong. The truth is something much darker and stranger than they’d ever imagined. And the story of the Alperton Angels is far from over.

From the bestselling author of The Appeal and The Twyford Code comes a stunning new mystery for fans of Richard Osman and S.J. Bennett. The devil is in the detail…


After reading The Twyford Code last year, I was very excited when The Mysterious Case Of The Alperton Angels was finally released. Like The Twyford Code, it’s not written in the form of a standard novel. Instead, we are presented with a series of letters, e-mail, text messages and transcripts that the protagonist, Amanda, has accumulated whilst researching the case of the Alperton Angels. This is a really effective way to highlight that different people see the same events in different ways and the discrepancies between the accounts of the different characters helps to build the sense of mystery surrounding the case that Amanda is investigating. 

The Mysterious Case Of The Alperton Angels begins with a set of instructions telling the person who is in possession of this material (which is in a safe) to read it and make a decision about whether it should be destroyed or handed in to the police. This kept me intrigued the whole way through as I wondered why this dilemma existed and what I would do if I had received these instructions. 

Janice Hallett is ridiculously clever, and at times, it was too clever for me! It was quite difficult to keep track of who had told Amanda what; however, I was completely immersed in the mystery and I absolutely loved the way it all came together with so many twists and turns. I loved trying to guess what was happening – and being completely wrong! 

The Mysterious Case Of The Alperton Angels is available from Amazon.

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