Rudo Muchoko: Awakening The Power Of Self-Publishing: The Ultimate Guide

Today I’m joining the blog tour for Awakening The Power Of Self-Publishing : The Ultimate Guide. I’m sharing an extract with thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me on the tour and to the author for the copy of the extract.


Having worked in the publishing industry, it is fascinating how, once a book has been created and placed on Amazon, self-published authors tend to relax since, in some strange way, Amazon is meant to sell the book. It seems there is no clear guidance for self-published authors on what to do following the publication of their work. Although publishing your book on Amazon is a significant accomplishment, did you know that there are a tonne of other things you can do with it after that?  Herein is the value of Awakening The Power of Self Publishing.

In this guide, you’ll discover: The importance of building an author brand and establishing author credibility, The differences between traditional publishing methods and self-publishing, The advantages of getting book reviews, Establishing and maintaining meaningful publishing relationships, Maximising your online presence, Creating a successful book marketing strategy, Keeping your book relevant and profitable after it has been published! Although the book publishing process can be complex, you can effectively develop your author brand if you are persistent, have a good work ethic, and are dedicated.


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Everyone dreams of becoming an author, especially in today’s digital age where people have access to many platforms to make their authorship dreams come true. Becoming a successful author takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and determination. Some people become discouraged when they see other authors’ and their books’ sales skyrocket and even achieve best-seller status. The short of it is that you need to have a great marketing plan for your book even to gain traction. For most authors, the dream starts and ends with Amazon. The sad news is that without promotions, an online presence, and a marketing plan in place, your book is just going to disappear into the abyss of Amazon products, as these update daily and are constantly evolving.  

The following will help you understand why it doesn’t take overnight to become a successful best-selling Amazon author:  

1. Most people expect to see their book at the top of Amazon’s best-seller list without putting in much effort. This is simply not the case. You might not see success immediately on Amazon. It can take several months for your book to gain traction and sell copies. After it does, it will probably climb up the best-seller lists slowly. During this time, you’ll need to focus on writing quality content for your book and promoting it effectively through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.  

2. Amazon’s algorithm works differently from other search engines like Google Search or Apple. You won’t be able to directly target potential readers with ads on your book’s pages or in its app store like you can with Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. Instead, you’ll need to find other ways to reach potential readers— for example through forums and social media pages.  

3. Many successful Amazon authors enjoy the fact that they’ve worked hard to achieve their status. They know that no one ever became a bestselling author overnight and considering this helps them stay focused on their goal instead of getting discouraged easily by slow progress. They know that slow progress is necessary for fast success since it allows them to spend time improving their strategies for gaining traction with their books, instead of becoming impatient and abandoning their work altogether after a few slow months of slow sales without making any real progress whatsoever towards their goal at all.  

4. Becoming an Amazon bestselling author isn’t easy, but anyone willing to put in the time and effort can achieve this goal if they are willing to persevere long enough for slow success rather than instant success on this platform. While there are certainly some who achieve instant success with minimal effort, doing so leads away from the path most will find most conducive towards achieving real success as an Amazon bestselling author in the long run.


Awakening The Power Of Self-Publishing: The Ultimate Guide is available from Amazon.

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