TA Williams: Murder In Florence

Today I’m joining the blog tour for Murder In Florence. My review is written with thanks to Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me on the tour and to the publisher for my copy of the book.


A brand-new cozy crime series set in gorgeous Tuscany…It’s murder in paradise!

A glamorous film star…

Life as a private investigator in the suburbs of Florence isn’t always as glamorous as Dan Armstrong imagined it to be, until he is asked to investigate a recent spate of violent attacks on a Hollywood movie set in Florence. The star of the show, movie-star royalty Selena Gardner, fears her life is in imminent danger…

Foul play on set…

As Dan investigates, he discovers secrets and scandals are rife within the cast and crew. But with no actual murder, Dan believes these attacks could simply be warnings to someone…until the first body is found.

A dangerous killer on the loose.

Now Dan and his trusty sidekick Oscar are in a race against time to catch the murderer. But the more Dan uncovers, the more the killer strikes and Dan finds himself caught in the line of fire too! Is this one case Dan and Oscar will regret?

A gripping new murder mystery series by bestselling author T.A. Williams, perfect for fans of Lee Strauss and Beth Byers.


I love TA Williams’ writing and I was looking forward to seeing what adventures former detective, Dan Armstrong, and his Labrador, Oscar, would get up to this time. As Dan is the narrator, we get frequent insight into his thoughts and feelings as well as a glimpse of his dry humour, which makes the novels in this series easy to read. Dan also has a really strong relationships with his colleagues in the Italian police which is wonderful to read. 

Murder In Florence takes place on the set of a movie, where there is a killer on the loose. As there is a large cast of characters, this gives us a lot of suspects, and I was intrigued by the dynamics and relationships between each one. TA Williams has made sure each character is vibrant and has an intriguing story to keep the reader engaged with them.

As the novel reaches the end, there are a few subplots that come together. The author does this brilliantly, which really increases the tension in the last part of the novel. 

I was also pleased that the author was able to draw on his romantic roots in Murder In Florence and I look forward to seeing what happens next as the series continues.

Murder In Florence is available from Amazon.

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