Michael Scanlon: Where She Lies


I am delighted to be one of the first stops on the blog tour for Where She Lies today. My review is written with thanks to Noelle at Bookouture for inviting me on the tour, and providing my copy of the book through Netgalley.


In a town full of liars, who can you trust?

When Detective Finnegan Beck is demoted from his high-powered job in Dublin and relocated in disgrace to the small Irish town of Cross Beg, he predicts boredom will be his biggest threat.

But then a beautiful, local teenage girl is found strangled in the cold, dark woods a mile from town. The prime suspect is the seemingly-gentle drifter who found Tanya’s body.

Beck seems to be the only person who can’t escape the feeling that Tanya wasn’t killed at random. As he digs deeper into the shadows of Cross Beg, he begins to realise it isn’t the sleepy backwater he’d first believed. Everyone here has something to hide. Tanya had a boyfriend, whose name no one knew. A best friend with a loose relationship with the truth. And a habit she thought she’d kept hidden from everyone.

But, just as Beck believes he is making progress, the body of one of the suspects is found drowned in the river. Is the killer just getting started?

Everyone in the town seems to have something they would die to protect. But who has a secret they’d kill for?

This debut novel from a powerful new Irish voice is the first in a gripping series that will feature the brilliant, haunted Detective Finnegan Beck who won’t rest until justice is found. Perfect for fans of LJ Ross, Joy Ellis and Patricia Gibney.


I always enjoy the start of a new series. It is a chance to be introduced to some colourful new characters with interesting back stories. Where She Lies is no different. At times I struggled to warm to Finnegan Beck: he is a borderline alcoholic who sleeps with married women and seems to have little respect for anyone, especially his bosses. But behind all of this is an intriguing man who is struggling to fit in to a new community and is clearly plagued by events of his past. I wanted to get to know him and work out what caused him to behave in the way he did.
Where She Lies begins with a girl waiting for someone in a dark wood at night. As a woman myself, I am aware of how vulnerable this can make you feel, and I found the atmosphere it created truly chilling. The creepy feeling did not let up for the whole novel, and I wanted to know what was happening in the small town of Cross Beg.
The tension in Where She Lies builds quite slowly, but as it reaches its ending, there is a flurry of action. All the small jigsaw pieces slot into place and the novel becomes a whole lot more frantic, keeping me on my toes until the last page.
I feel that Finnegan Beck has a lot more to give, and I look forward to seeing where the series goes next.
Where She Lies ​is available from Amazon. 
You can follow the rest of the tour here:


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