Zara Stoneley: Bridesmaids


It is my pleasure today to be taking part in the blog tour for Bridesmaids..My review is written with thanks to Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me on the tour and for my copy of the book via Netgalley.

Blurb :

Meet Rachel, the beautiful bride with BIG plans for the perfect day! The venue is a castle and the dress is designer.  It’s just a shame her husband is a rat.

Maddie and Sally have only one thing in common – they both love the same man!
Beth is a newly single mum with a mystery baby daddy.  Surely the father isn’t someone the girls all know?
And then there’s Jane, the glue holding them all together, but being dumped doesn’t make her the happiest bridesmaid…especially with gorgeous flatmate Freddie complicating things.

Will the bride say, ‘I Do!’?  Or will her bridesmaids save the day…and find love along the way?    

The most hilarious, feel-good rom com of the year!


If all weddings were like Rachel’s, I might be encouraged to attend them more often! Bridesmaids is full of drama, and I was never sure in which direction events would take the reader. I was eager to find out if Rachel would get married without a hitch and was hooked until the end following every kiss, argument and unfortunate incident!

Bridesmaids is narrated by Rachel’s Maid Of Honour, Jane, and Stoneley’s writing helped me to feel as if I was talking to my own best friend. I laughed with her and cried with her and felt angry as she did. I was able to feel involved in her circle of friends and I also enjoyed meeting her parents, and of course  Freddie. The characters are so well drawn that it is impossible not to respond to them and be drawn into their narrative.

Although Bridesmaids is full of humour, it is also an astute look at how friendships and romantic relationships develop over time. As Jane often acts as confidante to the group  the reader is also privy to many of their secrets, so the themes of infidelity  parenting and marriage breakdown are explored. I loved how this was done sensitively so that I was able to think about my own feelings as the subjects were raised.

Bridesmaids is available from Amazon.

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