JK Franko : Eye For Eye


Today I’m taking part in the blog tour for Eye For Eye. My review is written with thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me on the tour and for my copy of the book


When I first met Susie, she appeared to be a normal, happily-married woman dealing with tragedy. Then, I uncovered her secrets. While I could understand everything that she’d done, I could never approve. But, knowing what she was capable of, it became clear that if I was going to survive her, I had to play by her rules. And, the first and most important rule is… leave no singing bones.


Eye For Eye is a promising start to the Talion trilogy. It starts very philosophically and this makes the atmosphere surrounding the plot feel very mysterious. I was intrigued from the beginning, wondering how everyone fit in and everything came together. There are some references to Game Of TThrones, which makes it feel very current, although as a member of the 1%, these references will be more helpful to others than to me! The philosophical nature of the novel means it is more slow paced than the books I would normally read, but after a short while I was equally engrossed in the plot.

Franko puts a lot of work into developing the characters in Eye For Eye, using flashbacks, letters and interviews to give the reader insight into them. This is an important aspect of the novel as it helps the reader to understand the reasons behind each character’s actions and I found this particularly intriguing.

It is not until the epilogue that we have discover who is narrating Eye For Eye. The mystery this creates adds an extra layer of mystery to the novel and the ending sets the reader up perfectly for the second instalment

Eye For Eye is available from Amazon.

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