Anne John-Ligali : The Dinner In The Sky


Today I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for the third and final book in the Friendships Online series, The Dinner In The Sky. My review is written with thanks to Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me on the blog tour and for my copy of the book.


After a shocking confrontation with an unexpected encounter, Constance tries to piece her life back together and is on a mission to finally move on.

The thought of having her friends nearby is a comfort as they take time out of their busy online lives and regularly meet up at their favourite place, A Cupful of Dreams Café. Everyone seems happy enough until cracks begin to show and all is not as good as it seems. Constance tries desperately to keep positive as there’s so much to look forward to: shopping for posh frocks, dinner at The Shard and a movie premiere.

As things start to look rosy, a few odd tweets begin to pop up from nowhere. At first, they seem innocent, but as the weeks go by and premier night draws near, not only do the tweets increase but they become more obnoxious.

By the time Constance and her chums arrive on the red carpet, she’s determined to work out who the troll could be and to keep them from spoiling her evening. However, as Constance soon learns, the troll wants to destroy far more than that!

Breathtaking views of London.

Posh frocks and Paparazzi

But there’s definitely trouble in the air …


In the introduction  John-Ligali writes that she took on feedback from bloggers to make The Dinner In The Sky much longer so that readers could get to know her characters better. This really pays off, as each character is battling their own demons and the deeper exploration of these issues allowed me to connect with the characters emotionally and find my own meaning from the story. I also enjoyed meeting Charlie for longer, and having the opportunity to understand how his disability affects him and those around him.

The series is entitled “Friendships Online”  and like its predecessors  The Dinner In The Sky really represents what it is like to live in the modern age where we are so reliant upon technology and social media. I enjoyed reading the conversations of the group through the different apps. John-Ligali also shows us the darker side of social media and this creates an element of mystery as I tried to figure out who the troll was!

I’m sad that this series has come to an end, but I feel satisfied by the ending.

The Dinner In The Sky is available from Amazon.

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