Victoria Walters: Summer At The Kindness Cafe



Today I am delighted to be sharing a guest post as part of the blog tour for Summer At The Kindness Cafe. My post is written with thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me on the blog tour and of course, Victoria Walters, for writing her guest post.


Welcome to Brew, a cafe where kindness is almost as important as coffee… almost!
Meet the three women whose lives are about to change forever:
 has fled London and the humiliation of not being able to make rent after being made redundant. Her sister, Louise, unlucky in love, has thrown herself into her career at the local hospital. And Eszter, who has travelled from Hungary with her daughter Zoe, hoping to fulfil her husband’s dying wish… to reunite his family.
This summer these three very different women are inspired by the random acts of kindness written up on the Kindness Board at Brew, and decide to make a pact to be kinder to others and to themselves…
Can a little bit of kindness really change your life? Eszter, Abbie and Louise are about to find out! 

Guest Post:

Victoria Walters tells us ten things about herself:

Ten Things About Me’


  1. I collect mugs and I’m running out of room for them!


  1. My favourite author is Jane Austen and I try to re-read Pride and Prejudice every year.


  1. I have a huge and naughty black and white cat called Harry (named after Harry Potter)


  1. I work part time as a Waterstones bookseller when I’m not writing.


  1. I have to listen to music while I write and I’m very old-school as I still buy CDs.


  1. I’m addicted to Instagram (follow me @vickyjwalters)


  1. I used to work in HR before I quit to write books.


  1. My favourite sweet treats are Malteser buttons.  


  1. I own far too many tops with slogans or TV shows printed on them.


  1. I have over 200 books on my to-read shelves, and I’m scared they will collapse on me one day!




Summer At The Kindness Cafe is available from Amazon.

You can follow the rest of the blog tour here:

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