20 Books Of Christmas

You may remember the 20 Books Of Summer challenge that I failed miserably. Well, I’m dusting myself off and trying again with the 20 Books Of Christmas challenge hosted by Tea And Cake For The Soul.

The idea is much the same: to read 20 (or 15 or 10, or however many you want) books between 1st October – 31st December. The books don’t have to be Christmas books (in fact, because I’m a Scrooge, none of mine are), and the books can be in any format, including audiobooks.

My list is below. Some of them are books I didn’t get round to on the summer challenge, some of them are new and some are books I’ve been meaning to read for ages. I’ll be using the hashtag (#20BooksOfChristmas) and I’d love to chat with any bloggers or readers who would like to join in.

Cecilia Ahern: Postscript

Claire Allan: Her Name Was Rose

Rob Ashman: This Little Piggy

Linwood Barclay:. Elevator Pitch

Mark Billingham: Lifeless

Jenny Blackhurst: Someone Is Lying

Shalini Boland: The Secret Mother

Will Carver: Nothing Important Happened Today

HS Chandler: Degrees Of Guilt

Ann Cleves: Raven Black

MW Craven: Black Summer

Eva Dolan: This Is How It Ends

Laurie Ellingham: Ours Is The Winter

Louise Jensen: The Family

Doug Johnstone: Breakers

Ragnar Jonasson: The Darkness

Erin Kinsley: Found

Carla Kovach: The Liar’s House

Adrian McKinty:. The Chain

KL Slater: The Apartment


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