Lucien Young: #Sonnets

Today I’m delighted to have a place on the blog tour for #Sonnets. My review is written with thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me on the tour and Unbound for the copy of my book.


‘I thought I could, with verse iambic, pry

Some sense from nonsense, and our modern scene

Depict and mock, while using “thee” and “thy”

In pages fit to rest by thy latrine.’

Shakespeare’s sonnets are among the great achievements in world literature. Alas, the immortal Bard never used his command of iambic pentameter to explore such themes as porn, Snapchat and Austin Powers.

#Sonnets is a collection of hilarious and inappropriate poems complete with illustrations of Elizabethan RoboCop and Snoop Dogg in tights. Musing on everything from Donald Trump to Tinder, comedy writer Lucien Young offers a Shakespearean take on the absurdity of modern life.


First things first, #Sonnets is absolutely hilarious  I howled with laughter at many of these poems and received some bemused looks when reading them in public. Young leaves no stone unturned and almost any subject is up for scrutiny in these sonnets. This means there is definitely something for everyone whether you like politics, television, technology or celebrity.

I have only read a handful of Shakespeare’s sonnets, but it seems to me that Young has absolutely nailed his style. Not only does he use the structure of a sonnet, but the language and syntax also mirror that of Shakespeare. I also enjoyed the sonnets where Young used parts of Shakespeare’s well known speeches and sonnets in his own work.

#Sonnets is available from Amazon.

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