AA Chaudhuri: The Abduction

Today I’m pleased to be sharing my review of The Abduction as part of the blog tour. It’s written with thanks to Hannah at Endeavour Media for inviting me on the blog tour and for my copy of the book.


Kramer and Carver are back…

Madeline Kramer has finally got her life back on track at top City law firm Sullivan, Blake, Monroe. But when two armed, masked men burst into a conference room one lunchtime, kidnapping a trainee and a partner, Maddy’s life is plunged into disarray once more—particularly when charismatic DCI Jake Carver, who caught a heartless killer when they last met and with whom Maddy shared a mutual chemistry, is called to the scene.

Things become more complicated when a disturbing video reveals two more trainees have been taken. What initially appears as a random kidnapping for mercenary gain soon evolves into something far more complex, the horrifying events of thirty years ago motivating the abductors and having colossal implications for those in the present…

Against a backdrop of sleaze, sex, lies and murder in The Abduction, Maddy and Carver must work together to unravel the truth, and ensure that no crimes—past or present—are left unpunished.


Having really enjoyed The Scribe, I was looking forward to being back with Maddy Kramer and DCI Carver for The Abduction. I love their determination to get to the truth, particularly in Maddy’s case as a civilian. The relationship between them is lovely to read and I really enjoyed the way the characters developed.

It is not just the characters of Carver and Maddy that are well developed but the characters of the victims too. The diaries of the victims give the reader insight into their lives and this made the novel very intriguing and I couldn’t wait to see where the plot went!

The author’s background in law is evident throughout The Abduction and she uses her knowledge really well to help the reader immerse themselves in such a competitive environment.

As the case is investigated, there are many twists and turns and I read most of The Abduction from the edge of my seat. The writing is incredibly slick and I found it so easy to lose myself in the mystery.

I can’t wait to see where this series goes next.

The Abduction is available from Amazon.

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