Dreda Say Mitchell: Trap Door

This review is written with thanks to Heather Fitt at Bloodhound Books for my copy of Trap Door.

Blurb :

100 years ago young women were killed in this workplace. Is history about to repeat itself? Rachel, a young woman in serious debt, needs to find a job fast before she’s made homeless. She gets a lucky break when she is offered a great position in a successful company. Then she discovers that the building was once a Victorian sweatshop with a tragic history. Is this why Rachel feels something increasingly sinister? Soon her new job becomes a living nightmare. Rachel desperately wants out, but she has no other way of escaping her debts. She’s trapped. Then she makes a shocking discovery. Haunted by the death of others and as the present and past begin to close in, Rachel needs to find answers before she finds herself in grave danger… What is really going on in her workplace? And can she ever escape her inner demons?


I’ve heard a lot about Dreda Say Mitchell but never actually read any of her work before. I am seriously impressed by her ability to build a really intriguing plot full of tension. I could see from the beginning that there are plenty of secrets among the characters and I was desperate to know what these were and how they would all come together. There are several clues planted throughout the novel and these kept me guessing until the very end.

There are lots of interesting characters in Trap Door and I really enjoyed getting to know them. Each character is really well drawn and as the novel progressed I felt like I was becoming more and more involved in their stories.

Towards the end of the novel the tension continues to grow and there are many twists and turns to get there.

I will definitely be reading more of this author’s work!

Trap Door is available from Amazon.

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