Lucinda Lamont: Kalopsia

Today I’m pleased to be sharing my review of Kalopsia. It’s written with thanks to Emma Welton of damppebbles Blog Tours for inviting me on the tour and for my copy of the book via the publisher.


Kalopsia – (n.) The delusion of things being more beautiful than they really are.

They say you never know what goes on behind closed doors, but do you really know what goes on outside your front door either?

Kate is a twenty-something, successful woman. Funny, attractive and independent, she seemingly has everything going for her. But when it comes to love, Kate wouldn’t know a good idea if she stopped at a zebra crossing and watched it pass by in front of her.

Suffering at the hands of her mentally abusive partner, she doesn’t quite have the gumption to leave. That is, until Greg shows an interest.

With Greg by her side and offering her everything she has ever wanted, Kate thinks she has finally met her prince. But will temporary feelings have permanent consequences?


I was intrigued by this book by the title. I had no idea what the word “kalopsia” meant, but once you read the definition, you realise it’s the perfect title for this book. The closed doors we look behind in Kalopsia are Kate’s and I related to her fairly quickly. She is the narrator, and she often uses moments of humour to lighten the mood in what is actually a very serious situation.

Domestic violence and coercive control are very important issues in today’s world and I really liked the way Lamont explored them. She builds the situations gradually so that they escalate and showed us Kate’s internal monologue as she decided what to do next. Her villains are also very realistic and I found their creepy behaviour really got under my skin.

The ending of Kalopsia is very open and it gives the reader the opportunity to think about Kate’s situation and where she will go next.

Kalopsia is available from Amazon .

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