Jackie Baldwin: Perfect Dead


Sometimes perfection is worth killing for…

The second gripping crime novel in an exciting new series. Ex-priest DI Frank Farrell finds himself on the trail of a vicious killer in rural Scotland. Perfect for fans of Stuart MacBride, James Oswald and Val McDermid.

Each murder brings him one step closer to the perfect death.

Ex-priest DI Farrell is called on to investigate a gruesome death in rural Scotland. All evidence points to suicide, except for one loose end: every light in the cottage was switched off. Why would he kill himself in the dark?

The question sparks a murder investigation that leads to the mysterious Ivy House, home of ‘The Collective’, a sinister commune of artists who will do anything to keep their twisted secrets hidden.

And when the remains of a young girl are uncovered on a barren stretch of coastline, Farrell realises that there is something rotten in this tight-knit community. Now he must track down a ruthless killer before another person dies, this time much closer to home…


I was glad to be reunited with Detective Inspector Frank Farrell and his team for Perfect Dead. Whilst we had previously learnt about Farrell’s background and this remains an important part of his character, I enjoyed delving into the histories of the rest of the team, especially Lind and Moore, and learning what makes them tick. Baldwin was also able to explore some important issues this way, such as the effect of a miscarriage on a relationship.

Perfect Dead combines three different investigations and the way they weave together is incredibly clever. I know nothing about art forgery so I appreciated the extensive research that must have gone into making this element of the plot both believable and interesting. I enjoyed trying to work out what had happened and how each thread of the plot was connected.

As the investigation gathers momentum, it becomes clear that there is an element of danger to this novel. I enjoyed every twist as the tension rose. Baldwin leaves Perfect Dead on a cliffhanger and I cannot wait to see where she takes this series next!

Perfect Dead is available from Amazon.

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