Camilla Bruce: You Let Me In

This review is written with thanks to Pigeonhole for the opportunity to read and review You Let Me In.

Blurb :

I wanted someone to know, you see. To know my truth, now that I am gone. How everything and none of it happened.

Everyone knew bestselling novelist Cassandra Tipp had twice got away with murder.

Even her family were convinced of her guilt.

So when she disappears, leaving only a long letter behind, they can but suspect that her conscience finally killed her.

But the letter is not what anyone expected. It tells two chilling, darkly disturbing stories. One is a story of bloody nights and magical gifts, of children lost to the woods, of husbands made from twigs and leaves and feathers and bones . . .

The other is the story of a little girl who was cruelly treated and grew up crooked in the shadows . . .

But which story is true? And where is Cassie now?


You Let Me In is a book that is quite far out of my comfort zone but I am really glad that I chose to read it. Bruce’s writing is absolutely beautiful and it completely drew me in to the world of the Pepper Man and the faeries. At times, the story could be quite ambiguous and I often had no idea what was happening, but nevertheless I was compelled to read on and try and work it out.

Cassie’s story is one that is incredibly dark and through her character, Bruce is able to explore a number of issues such as family relationships and childhood abuse. Her exploration was very visceral and at times, this could be disturbing, but it definitely made an impact on me.

Like the rest of the book, the ending of You Let Me In is ambiguous. I like the way that Bruce has allowed the reader to make their own meaning of the book and it will stay with me for some time to come.

You Let Me In is available from Amazon.

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