Phoebe Morgan: The Babysitter


This review is written with thanks to Pigeonhole for the opportunity to read and review The Babysitter.


On the hottest day of the year, Caroline Harvey is found dead in Suffolk. Her body is left draped over a cot – but the baby she was looking after is missing.

Hundreds of miles away, Siobhan Dillon is on a luxurious family holiday in France when her husband, Callum, is arrested by French police on suspicion of murder.

As Siobhan’s perfect family is torn apart by the media in the nation’s frantic search for the missing baby, she desperately tries to piece together how Callum knew Caroline.

What happened that night? Was Caroline as innocent as she seemed – or was she hiding a secret of her own?

The thrilling new book from the number one digital bestselling author of The Doll House and The Girl Next Door.


The Babysitter is told from many different viewpoints including those of Siobhan, Caroline and DS Wildy, the detective investigating Caroline’s murder. This structure was really effective as it helped me to piece together what had happened to Caroline, giving the reader information that had perhaps been hidden from other characters. Each character was well drawn and their back story was detailed and I enjoyed getting to know each one, even though they weren’t all particularly likeable. Morgan also uses tweets in between some of the chapters which adds another layer to the story.

From the beginning of The Babysitter, there is a really tense atmosphere that you could cut with a knife! I felt as though I was really involved with the investigation (on both sides) and this made the novel as a whole really compelling.

There is a twist at the end, which I did not guess, and this kept me hooked until the last page.

The Babysitter is available from Amazon.

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